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Civil Litigation & Corporate Recovery

Gladstones aim to deal with disputes quickly and cost effectively. In order to meet this aim Gladstones will work with you to understand the issues surrounding your dispute with a view to establishing the route cause. This ultimately means you stand the best chance of avoiding litigation through the Courts and maximises your prospect of early resolution.

If litigation is the only option, Gladstones will be resolute in its resolve, whilst maintaining focus on the Court’s overriding objective to deal with cases proportionately.

Our litigation lawyers have broad experience ranging from simple consumer disputes to complex terms and conditions disputes, so do not hesitate to contact them whatever your concern, no matter how big or small.

Gladstones will tailor the manner in which it bills you to suit your needs; offering fixed fees, clear hourly rates or from time to time damage based agreements that hinder on your success.

To discuss any contentious issue that you may find yourself in please contact Jamie Ashford on 01565 755088.